Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tabernacle Worship - Looking Back

48 Hours of non-stop God Glorifying worship was the aim and that’s exactly what it was. I have to say it was possibly the most awesome event I have ever had the privilege to be involved in. When I first had the vision over 3 years ago I had no idea of exactly what God would do with it. Since the beginning of the planning I’ve been so amazed at God’s constant presence and guidance and renewing strength.

At the beginning of the event I thought 48 hours would feel like a long time but that time just didn’t seem enough by the end. Over the time, I believe God really met with a lot of people and that His heart for the lost was passed on to many of His children. This was summed up right at the end of the day by a picture someone had of some dry sponges on a beach and the tide coming in and soaking them up.

In all we had about 300 different worshippers come through the doors and a faithful few who stayed for the whole thing – but this event was not about the numbers – it was about God being worshipped non-stop for 48 hours whether anyone was there or not. Even in moments when bands didn’t turn up God was really faithful and provided people to step in and lead last minute so that the worship didn’t stop.

I’m really thankful for all the lead worshippers who gave up their time to lead an hour or two, especially those who travelled from much further a-field. Every single leader seemed to slot right into the vision of the event and it was great to see many different churches working together to keep the worship going.

I hope and pray that those who came really met with God and encountered Him in a new and deeper way than ever before. I also pray that everyone left the tabernacle with God’s heart for the lost and the desire to seek Him more and more day by day.
If you have any feedback from your experience of the event or if you received any words, pictures or visions then please do e-mail them to me on: carl@tabernacleworship.co.uk.

Also if you would like to be involved in Tabernacle WORSHIP II then please get in touch with me on the above e-mail address or call 07860 897001.

- Carl Smith – November 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tabernacle Worship - The Final Countdown

It's hard to believe that after a year of planning, Tabernacle Worship is only 8 days away. Please, please do pray about this event as much as you can over the next few days and if you can make it to City Coast Church in Portslade, Brighton, any time over the 48 hour period it would be great to see you there - no need to sign up, simply turn up. More details can be found by following the Tabenacle Worship Link.