Friday, March 23, 2007

Stop The Traffik

Sunday March 25th marks the 200 year anniversary of the abolition of slavery. 200 years ago William Wilberforce, driven by his Christian faith, dedicated his life to see the slave trade made an illegal act. He succeded, but the sad fact is that slavery happens even more today than it did then. As a result Stop The Traffik have made March 25th 'Freedom Day' a day to look back on the champions of the past and to look to make a difference now and in the future. In order to raise awareness STT have asked all of God's worshippers to unite in prayer on that day, to stand up and be counted, to speak for those who can't speak for themselves and to see slavery abolished - this time for good!

There a lots of things happening around the country from Saturday night through to Sunday and beyond. For more information visit and to find out what events are happening in your area visit Also please take time to sign the declaration on the Stop The Traffik website.

This is a chance for us to unite together and pray for a really important cause. These are not just statistics - these are people. People shouldn't be bought or sold.


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