Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Worship Insights # 4 - Carl Smith

Keeping Worship Fresh
A very wise worship leader once gave me some great advice that I will never forget. He encouraged me to think, every time before I was due to lead worship; ‘what one fresh thing can I bring to the worship this week.’ Since then I’ve tried really hard to make sure that something about the way I lead changes each week. Whether it’s a new song, a longer block of worship, getting another worship leader in, having complete silence, or no music at all throughout the whole service, I want something fresh each week. This freshness brings blessing too. It’s far too easy for people to ‘get used’ to worship and for the power and intimacy to be stripped away. Keeping worship fresh is important for preventing this from happening. So may you challenge yourself each week to think 'what one fresh thing can I bring to the worship this week?' and may God bless the fresh worship you lead.


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